Recharging Nargra Pl-P

I traded a Nagra amp online not knowing too much about it other than the nice look and feel of its interface. Its seems that the row of D batteries are dead. I was wondering how to go about e-charging them. Or do I have to replace them? They appear to be soldered together and possibly heat-shrunk wrapped together.

This is the only reason I can think of why it would not power up, other than some other unforeseen damage, and likewise, a scam. But id like to think not.

Any suggestions?

Also, while i am at it, what sort of cables will I need to get this wired to a turntable and speakers? Any suggested brands or idea of price range? I these get to be too much I may try to sell this item, assuming it works,and at a significant discount. If that's the case, is the serial number shown inside, because there is nothing on the outside.

Thank you all.
I assume to you have the ACtoDC converter also? It's pretty much a automatic process. Those battery's do need to replaced occasionally. (yes they are soldered and shrink wrapped) I'd contact a Nagra dealer or go straight to the factory.

as far as cables just way to many options and price ranges to give you anything other than what I like in my system. We don't know the rest of your system is.

Your PLP, is a fantastic preamp. I'd get the battery's replaced and listen to it before you sell...Nagra gear has a purity on tone that is hard to match or beat...
Jfrech is correct. Before doing anything check if the PL-P works with the AC to DC converter.
I configured my Nagra VPS phono preamp to run on 2 x 12V car batteries (connected in parallel). If space and aesthetics are not an issue, SLA batteries can offer superior performance over D cell batteries. The stock Nagra ACPC-II power supply that came with VPS does an adequate job, but SLA batteries take the VPS to another level of performance. If your Nagra PL-P uses a Lemco power cord like my VPS, then the modd can easily be done yourself. Alternatively, Nagra can sell you a Lemco PC (CHF 130.60) that is un-terminated at the battery end. TAKE CARE ABOUT THE POLARITY!!
Contact me if you like more detail and pictures.

A clarification: since the PL-P uses rechargeable batteries, there is a charge monitoring circuit as well as just straight DC input, and therefore the PL-P must use a different supply (the CCC3) vs. the other non-battery Nagra units used the ACPS and ACPS-II power supplies.

Steve George
Nagra USA Service Manager
I do not have the ACtoDC converter...this may be why the deal went off without a hitch on Craigslist. What does this unit look like? Where can I find one? Will this unit recharge the batteries?

Thank you all for the kind help for an inexpert.

If I cant get it working I may have to let it go and stick to my Harmon Kardon 3270 - a beast, and hardly of the same caliber. But Id love ot hear this Nagra before I decide.
PS: Looks here like someone is just using a row of D batteries:

Is this advisable
The User Manual clearly states that in an emergency one could operate the PL-P on standard D-Cell alkalines, but I have never gotten one to even power up in that state.

I personally own a PL-P Power Supply Charger (PL-P CCC3) that I can sell you as well as a set of pre-loved, but unused Battery Sticks (batons). The power supply I obtained years ago thinking I was going to obtain a Demo or Protoype PL-P.

NEW this supply is over $1100, but I will sell you mine and a new old stock set of NiCad batteries.

Send me an email and we will discuss prices.
Would the CCC3 recharge the battery sticks that are already in place?

Why would the batteries die in the first place? Do they just drain slowly when not in use, like any other battery? Is there some other explanation? Im trying to figure out if I have a defect...
Mcintech my PM bounced. PM me your personal email?
So how did this end up? Did you get to listen to your PLP? What do you think?