Receptacle outlet, nickel plating, is this a problem?

I am finding that many audio grade outlets have nickel. PS audio Porter classic takes the hubbel ig8300 and does 15 coats of polished nickel. ig8300 before it reaches PS audio is only orange and $70, and has a steel backstrap. Shunyata includes nickel in outlets they sell. They contend it’s being done for durability purposes and it doesn't impact the sound.  Shunyata may be a good option despite nickel.  It costs about $100. And we know all hospital grade outlets contain nickel.

Is nickel a big deal? I’m very surprised PS audio uses nickel. It’s $50.

There is one Hubble industrial grade outlet I found that is only brass, eg 5352w but it’s a slimmer outlet that may be too compact.

The only purest outlet I see out there seems to be the furutech which comes in multi flavors for about $200. And Cardas does an internal creation for about $150.


Well, you post seems to be coming from another here.

I believe, @jea48 , would be the one to answer, as he seems to know which outlets are SS and which are nickel plated.


If your budget is around $100 I’d go with a Maestro outlet that avoids plating altogether.  If budget is higher I might consider Furutech with Rhodium plating, but all depends on what sound characteristics you’re looking for.  I like more natural sound, which is why I gravitate to these two FWIW…

Best of luck. 

There was  very recent discussion on this (I would just try one of these - as linked in the thread upon confirming that the unit is as pictured).



Or, perhaps the one SOIX ref's.




I use three of the outlets below for audio. All brass with no nickel plating. I also have four dedicated lines for audio only. 😎


Nickel and rhodium and brass are not as good a conductor as copper and silver. Go with them.