Recently heard the Ocos speaker cable. ..

Btw is there a resistor and a capacitor inside the red adapter ends?
Wow! There's a name from the past. I remember that it was distributed by Sumiko a very long time ago.
I had a pair of Ocos cables in my old office system (NAD L40 and PSB Image 1B speakers). It sounded good enough for that system. I never did any comparisons in that system. The cable is annoying stiff, though, and basically seems like a cable TV coax cable with snap on terminations. I eventually changed them for Audioquest cables.
I'm still thinking about that OCOS cable. It brings back to mind another lost treasure from that era, Cogan Hall cables. As I emember, they were thin, hollow copper tubes suspended within a flexible hose with three-spoke "wheels" spaced within the hose.
As much as I'd like to, I have never tried the Ocos.
Did try the Cogan Hall interconnects, a frustrating bitch to work with. I gave up on them.