Recent reviews on Cyberlight IC's

I am looking for some recent user opinions on the Cyberlights IC's. I know there are some good reviews on Positive Feedback, but I would love to here some recent users opinions.
...i recently bought the P2A cable which replaced an indra i/ definitely brought an improvement in all aspects of the sound in my system. i still use..and will continue to indra from my scd-1 to my preamp.the addition of the 2nd indra..while improving the sound over my previous i/c..did not give me the improvement that replacing it with the P2A did/does.the positive feedback review is in keeping with what i found.
Callaway, Did you consider using the wave from your cdp to your pre?
...yes i did but what my system sounds like my ears this so good that least for a while..i am going to stay with it......for a while!
There was a recent thread on this subject that IMO got pretty nasty. The conclusions seemed to be that these cables are very system dependent and of course the cable that was replaced is a factor. In my opinion the concept behind this cable is at least intrigueing. Some users have reported dramatic improvements.
I have them in my system and have been very pleased with the results. See if you can audition them in your system. Just be sure of the output voltage of your source components to make sure you have the correct Cyberlight for your system. Definitely use the battery over the wall plug. You may also want to check out Ric Schultz's website as he will soon be selling his own custom made battery supply for the Cyberlight cables. Prices should be between $400-$600.00.

I would strongly second the suggestion that you be sure of the output voltage. I went through three different versions of the cyberlight before I got the right one, because I wasn't aware that the voltage was such an important factor. Also get the battery power supply, way better than the wall wart AC supply. I'm not using the cyberlight presently, because I'm waiting on the aftermarket supply from Ric Schultz.
Am currently using both the Wave source-to-pre and P2A pre-to-amp Cyberlights. I don't think my system has ever sounded better but I think the biggest improvement came with the P2A because it eliminates any impedance matching issues between the preamp and amp, in my case a Hovland HP100 and Pass XA-160's. Ric Schultz at EVS has done a great job with increasing everyone's understanding of the voltage issue with source components and helped me select the proper Wave configuration. The H-T power supply is a vast improvement over the wall warts but, like Oneprof, am awaiting one of Ric's custom supplies.
Frank and Oneprof,

Pleases let us know when you get your power supplies from Ric and post your impressions.

Thank you
Well the latest review in Stereophile by Mikey Fremer is definitely undifinitive. He loved em, the measurements showed some real abberations.
Levi who gave the cyberlights the best ever IC has now changed his tune when reviewing Silversmith cables in latest positive feedback.

Now they are only his fav under 3k cables.
Silversmith and valhalla are his ultimate over 3k cable.

listening to the reviewers needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt.

I for one would not believe anything that came out of Robert Levi's review mouth.
Actually John Atkinson's measurements coincide with some other reports that had been floating around on AA. One question I have been pondering is, why would HT's engineers not observe this behavior?
With Stereophile involved, you know its lots of marketing hype. You will get opinions on both "sides of the aisle."
>>With Stereophile involved, you know its lots of marketing hype.<<

Yeah maybe it will be among the other 150 interconnects rated "Class A".

AFAIK, no interconnects are rated "Class A." They are either recommended or not.

To clarify Downunder's post: The Silversmith Audio line of cables reviewed by Mr. Levi is the Palladium line, which at are a different price point than the Cyberlights. Mr. Levi learned of the Palladium after an Audio Circle sponsored listening session hosted by his fellow Positive Feedback reviewer, Fown Ming Tien. The Silversmith Audio Silver interconnect cables (similar price point as the Cyberlights) and the Cyberlights were among the cables being evaluated. Mr. Jim Wang (a gentleman in the industry) and I were both in attendance and the feedback from the Audio Circle members can be viewed at I believe that Positive Feedback will be posting two additional reviews in the near future, one on the Silver cables and the other a follow-up on Mr. Levi's Palladium review, from reviewers that also have extensive experience with Cyberlights. Finally, Mr. Wang's Cyberlight cables are an intriguing technological endeavor and I applaud his efforts.
Happy Listening,
Jeffrey Smith
Silversmith Audio
Since when does Stereophile measure cables? I found it odd to see JA's measurements in the cable review.
Dlwask: you should read JA's explanation carefuly.
The Cyberlights and some other cables (SEEC, for example) employ active circuitry in the signal path. This circuitry should be regarded just like a preamp or an amp in regard to distortion characteristics.
This fact by itself does not mean more than what it is: a set of measurements. Objectivists will interpret them as the whole truth and subjectivists will dismiss them altogether... Just like published measuremets for amps...