Recent purchase - JBL 4410 Studio Monitors (Restoration Needs?)


I was just curious if others had any experience with these monitors. I was able to grab a pair off eBay (picked up locally) for a decent price and wanted to know if there are any restoration needs or modification I should be planning.

The cabinets look to be in pristine condition, the seller said they had been stored in his closet for some time and decided they needed to go. 

Also, if anyone has any cool historical information on these monitors - ie whos used them which records they are accountable for. I did hear that Bob Dylan won't playback on anything other than JBL - Is there any truth to that?

Link to original listing -
NOS Parts will cost you a small fortune if you need them...unless you buy used. MILLERSOUND has worked on all my JBL's and I highly recommend Bill if you need any work done.