Recent purchase Emerald Physics 4.7's

It’s been few weeks since the delivery of my Emerald Physics 4.7’s. The freight truck arrived at 10a.m. delivering three big boxes on a pallet. I gave the driver a generous tip and he helped me get the boxes downstairs to my music room. There is no way I could do this myself and this gave me the chance to start the unpacking, assembling and connecting the system immediately without waiting for a neighbor to get home from work. All items were well packaged protecting the speaker bases, speakers and crossover boxes. Connectivity had me stumped for a few minutes but a call to Walter explaining the crossover connectivity with my amps for a bi-amped system was quickly resolved. My equipment consist of a PS Audio Directstream DAC, and pair of Emerald Physics EP100.2SE amps all going through a PS Audio P5 Power Plant.

Let me say something about choosing  the 4.7’s. Over the  Thanksgiving/Christmas Holidays I received emails from Underwood Hi-Fi on amps, speakers and various other items for sale at significant reduced prices. I made up my mind on a pr. of Emerald Physics 2.7’s. Based on a conversation with Walter, on New Years Day, I changed my mind and went for the 4.7’s. Walter advised me the 2.7’s would overwhelm my music room. After unpacking and setting up the 4.7’s, without listening, I knew the right choice was made, the 4.7’s physically fit the room. 

Firing up the 4.7’s let me know right off I made the next step up in my system performance. Talking with Walter though the purchase process, he advised me to take advantage of the pair of EP100 amps I already had. My previous setup I  used the EP 100SE pair in a mono arrangement to my speakers and DAC. I loved the mono arrangement. But now with the DSP 2.4 and the external crossovers that Walter recommended, I had another avenue for my system. So one of my EP100SE amps is running the woofers and the other amp ,with the crossovers, are running the mids and treble. Walter mentioned early on about a 50 to 60 hour burn in  period with the 4.7’s. I agree in the last few days the speakers have gone from great to greater!! I also believe above and beyond burn in is dialing in the positioning for the speakers. Toe-in and distance from walls plays right into speaker performance. I’m sure the next 50 to 60 hours will also give me another positive step forward in speaker and system performance. You read about the 4.7’s imaging, soundstage and holographic effects, from these speakers and all I can say is it is true. The open baffle design just  fills the room with sonics. The speakers do disappear in the room, you forget all about them. Playing different pieces of music uncanny effects can take place.One example, Annie Lennox The Hurting Time is not only playing in front of you but also extending beyond the sides of the speakers.You are surrounded in music. Mick Jaggar from The Rolling Stones, on some songs is standing behind the instruments and others he is much more forward from the instruments, true three dimensional sound.

One last item before I go. I was very happy with my previous speakers. I would tell everyone I’m there, I’m done with my system. But what kept eating at me was reading the  positive feedback from folks attending attending shows, or comments made on websites or reviews found in audio magazines about Emerald Physics lineup of open baffle speakers. After purchasing the 4.7’, I’m a very happy open baffle owner. Conversations with Walter through this purchase, delivery, setup, burnin placement process has me thinking  about next steps. Upgrade the 4.7’s to 4.8’s , add an additional amp for tri-amping, upgrading the DSP and who knows what else. So Walter be prepared for another phone call on News Years Day 2018 on what  next steps to take. 

Hello Paulshaywv.

I just bought a pair of these second hand, they have not arrived yet. I was wondering if you still have them and if so how are you liking them? Any thoughts or tips you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

I also have a pair of EP 100.2SE amps that are currently powering Vandersteen 3a Signatures. I'm also running a stereo pair of Vandy 2wq subs which I may or may not use with the EP4.7's They use a high pass filter between the preamp and amps just like the EP DSP2.4 so I will start with not using the DSP. One thing is for sure I will have lots of options to experiment with. Should be fun!
I always wondered why EP is not more talked about and more popular. I heard the EP 4.8 with the carbon drivers and it sounded great. I am interested in listening to the 2.8s. 

Any other experiences with EP ?
Hi smodtactical. I have not heard them myself but have been reading everything I can find. The 2.8 and 4.8 are the current top of the line only difference is the 2nd woofer on the 2.8. The 4.8 is for smaller to medium sized rooms and the 2.8 is for med to large rooms. The 2.8 can overload smaller rooms. (Four 15" woofers can move a lot of air!) That’s what I learned, other wise they are the same. The EP4.7/ EP2.7 are the previous versions and are up gradable to the current 4.8/2.8 versions and it can be done in your home without sending them in.

There seems to be a tendency for audiophiles to ignore "high value" brands or not take them seriously. Plus they are a different kind of speaker and a lot of folk seem to stick with things they know and most people know box speakers. The reviews are all very positive, in fact I have not found anyone that has anything negative to say about them at all. Me I am going to be adventurous and try them out. Looking for a more dynamic more live sound.
Audiophiles don’t ignore high value brands but they do shy away from systems that need DSP. 

I believe that Clayton Shaw understood this and Spatial Audio was born. Those designs aren’t necessarily better, but the no DSP required are magic words. 
Actually the EP-4.7 EP-2.7 and the current 4.8 and 2.8 and the KC2 models and maybe a couple others don't need the DSP. They can be run either  way depending on what you want and are comfortable with. (not sure if the KC2's can even use the DSP) Me I'm going to experiment with both.
Sure not all audiophiles disregard value brands but I have seen plenty who will not consider products that don't cost $$,$$$.
Hrm I wish there were more impressions on these speakers. Especially the 4.8 and 2.8 and maybe comparisons.
Yes I wish there was more also. I will be adding my impressions soon.
So the deal I had to buy the EP4.7's fell through. However I found a great deal on a pair of EP2.7's in the beautiful piano black tri-coat finish. They should be shipping today.
I will start a new post after I have them set up and get used to them for a bit.

I have a pair of CS3's they put the musicians in the room with you. I love the sound, however ..they do not work with integrated amps ( Manley Stingray ) well and DSP is a hassle. I am sold  on OB sound. I am looking at Spacial's , M4's and the new X series, hence I will do a great deal on CS3 in SW Florida.