recent LP happiness

Well, I finally got my first Lyrita LP's and one Linn.
I am totally loving the Bax stuff, especially The Garden of Fand and Tintagel...Love the sound of the LP, especially the brass.
I havent heard yet the Cyril Scott LP yet (Piano Concerto #1).

The Linn LP of Debussy, Martin and Poulenc's Sonatas and Ballade for Cello and Piano, is so smooth sounding...I love the sound of this LP.

Also, I got Kenny Burrell's Guitar Forms..arranged and conducted by Gil Evans..on Verve...Great sound,,,!
Welcome to Lyrita! These are largely wonderful, particularly if you enjoy music of 20th Century English composers as I do. One nice thing, too, is that most Lyrita LPs are reasonably priced in the used market and don't carry a huge premium (with a few notable exceptions such as Arnold's English Dances and Finzi's Cello Concerto, with a young Yo-Yo Ma).

The Bax symphonies are well worth exploring, too. The Lyrita recordings of them are quite good.

Who is the conductor and orchestra for the Bax symphonies on Lyrita? Have you heard them on the Chandos LPs with Bryden Thomson?

Thank you.
Vvrinc, I have a mix of Chandos and Lyrita performances of the Bax symphonies. The Bryden Thompson performances on Chandos are quite good, the downside is that they are digital recordings and don't have the delicacy of harmonics that the Lyritas have. These are what I have:

Sym 1, Fredman/LPO, Lyrita SRCS 53
Sym 2, Fredman/LPO, Lyrita SRCS 54
Sym 5, Leppard/LPO, Lyrita SRCS 58
Sym 6, Del Mar/NewPO, Lyrita SRCS 35
Sym 7, Leppard/ECO, Lyrita SRCS 83

Sym 3, Thompson/LPO, Chandos ABRD 1165
Sym 4, Thompson/LPO, Chandos ABRD 1091
Sym 5, Thompson/LPO, Chandos ABRD 1356

I understand that the new Naxos cycle of Bax symphonies on CD, with David Lloyd-Jones and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, is quite good and well-recorded, but I've not yet heard them, and with the LP selections above I am well satisfied with the performances I have.
Rushton, You are right, the Chandos are digital and do have a bit of an edge to them. (Browsing through my collection, I've just discovered I own the Leppard 7th but, unfortunately, a MHS re-issue.)

I second your opinion on the special qualities of Lyrita LPs.

Best regards.
Vvrinc, my experience with the MHS reissues of the Lyritas is that they are generally quite good: well worth picking up until you can find an original. I have several for which I don't have the originals. Mastering was usually done by Sterling or Masterdisk so the mastering is quite good, and they sound only one tape generation away.