Recent equipment you hated, thought overpriced

Enough with the glowing accounts and positivity. What equipment have you bought in the last couple of years that you either just hated or thought sounded good but was significantly overpriced? Dish it out.
Springbok10 wrote,

"The Tice clocks. I actually bought them in 1991. Still have them as a reminder of my youthful stupidity and the superior salesmanship of The Cable Company. I look at them daily, leering and sneering at me in justifiable superiority at my idiocy and hope to be smarter each day."

Perhaps way back in 1991 your system was not resolving enough to hear the Tice Clocks. Have you by any chance listened to the Tice Clocks recently? One assumes your system is a lot more revealing now than it was in 1991.
My $10.00 "atomic" alarm clock is accurate to 1/10th of a second a year. Why would anyone pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a timpiece that is accurate to 2-3 minutes a month? There's an audio analogy in there somewhere.

Back to the topic at hand: Though an old component, I nominate the Soundstream DAC-1 (designed in conjuntion with Krell!), for the uncoveted award. If one likes the sound of fingernails on chalkboards reflected by glass, then The Soundstream DAC-1 is for you.
I will chime in here;
I felt that this example supports Aerial 6t & 7t loudspeakers. Over-priced in comparison to performance.
Dynaudio speakers fit this category as well.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!