Receivers with 4 ohm speakers

I have a Luxman r-113 with Monitor Audio Bronze 1's. I may purchase from craigslist locally some Allison SIxes which appear to be in good condition and have been refoamed but otherwise look pretty good. Haven't heard them yet but I had some in the early 80's with the same receiver.

Now for the questions: The luxman seems warm but after opening it, it is only the heatsink and doesn't seem that much warmer than my Denon AVR 2312.

However, occasionally I hear a short dropout when playing CD's on the Luxman - occurs very rarely. Any ideas.

How does one set the luxman for the impedence rating of the speaker? Also there is a slide switch on the inside. Anyone know what that is for?

If I buy them, its going to cost me $25 more than what I paid in 1982 (yeah I know - inflation) But these speakers are of great sentimental value. My ex got them.
Hi Dwcoleman. Does it ever dropout right at start-up, right after the speaker relays finish kicking in? Even if the answer is no, I'd still suspect it's the speaker relays are beginning to go bad. I lived with an R-115 and an RV-371 for a time and got to know this problem as being pretty routine for Luxmans of this era. The usual solution is to simply replace the relays with new ones...I'd say it's not horribly expensive to do that ($100 bucks or less), but in your case with your likely budget for that sort of thing, you may have other cheaper options. You could find a shade-tree electronic repair guy to do something like this for much less...or try giving them a shot of electronic parts cleaner yourself, but either cleaning them or replacing them will likely fix the problem. Caig De-Oxit 5 spray cleaner is the best, if you can get it. This is all assuming that this is not a thermal issue. When it happens again, you could try either increasing the volume some, or place (for just a minute or so) a piece of paper or some other obstruction over the ventilation slots long enough to see if the increasing internal temp induces another dropout. If it doesn't then I'd say it's likely the relays are getting old/dirty. Otherwise I'd think the Allison Sixes are a good match for the Lux as long as it is kept ventilated. Hope this helps.