Receivers/Processors and HDMI Repeater Error

Do any receivers or a/v processors hande the HDMI repeater error? I hade tried Denon, Yamaha and Sony, some said that the Anthem AVM-50 handle it - by activalting a setting that makes it pretend that it is a display. But it is a little pricey for me.

Are there any other options?
For us vidiots, could you explain what repeater error is, or tell me where to go (to find out.)
certainly - I would prefer to talk about vacuum tubes myself but here goes:

HDMI signals carry a "handshake" that must be satisfied at the point of termination that the device is an HD display -or the cable box (source) will not transmit the signal.

The latest generation of A/V receivers offer hdmi switching but they are not working on most HD cable boxes. This is the fault of the cable boxes and not the receivers. The newer cable boxes have updated software but for those of us stuck with certain cable companies - no luck.

So someone told me that the Anthem has a setting that makes it appear to the cable box that it is a display and therefore will pass the true digital signal right through.

how is that?
Thanks -- that was perfectly clear. So what is it about vacuum tubes you want to talk about ;--)?
i own an AVM 50, love it, havent had any problems since initial setup
There is quite the thread on the Anthem D2 over at AVSFORUM with all kinds of discussions, including the handshake problems and what can be done about it.