Receivers for about 1000

I've been using an Adcom system with Pro logic to view movies for several years. The amp is at the repair shop for some work on the center channel which no longer works. My eventual plans are to build a respectable HT, but for now I need to replace my amp/pre amp combo with a Dolby digital/DTS capable system.
I've read through the posts for the past several weeks and I would like to ask what is everyone's opinions as to a good receiver for HT around $1000. Also could you inform me as to the intricacies of purchasing products on this web site? I've purchased computer components on ebay, but I'm better acquainted with computer components and I'm a bit worried about getting "taken" without knowing the true retain price for components.

Thanks in advance for your help.
You could check out Integra Research which are Onkyo's high-end entries.
I recently picked up the Denon 3802 for a HT system and
couldn't be happy with it matched with used Sony DVP770
and M&K 750THX speakers bought on Audigon. Denon new for $739 on EBAY. Read the reviews for Denon on
You can pick up a Denon 3800 or 4800 for a steal. They don't
have some of the newest EX and ES proscessing but they sound teriffic with the usual formats.