Receivers compatible with Infinity CS-3008 speakers

Hello.  I am new to this and I by no means consider myself to be an audiophile.  My low end Onkyo receiver is severely under powered for my Infinity CS-3008s (clipping at a moderately high volume).  My previous receiver was a Technics circa early eighties model which apparently could not keep up and was recently taken off life support.  Question: What is the recommended power rating for a receiver/amp which will do justice to my speakers?  I am open to recommendations as to make and model, but am not looking to take out a second mortgage on my home in order to upgrade to a better receiver which hopefully will be matched to my speakers (which will probably be the last speakers I ever own in my life).  Thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction.

I should have specified that this is not for a home theater set-up.  Strictly audio, consisting of CDs and records played on a cheap Denon turntable purchased from Best Buy.  I prefer my music on the "bass heavy" side.  The combination of the Technics receiver with the speakers gave me great "bottom", and truthfully, I can't say for sure that the fact that the receiver finally crapped out had anything to do with the CS-3008s and/or playing music at an excessive volume as I tend to do when in our backyard.  I will say that the Onkyo does not perform on a level with the old Technics.  I picked up the Onkyo in the late 90s or early 2000s at Circuity City.  I believe I paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $140 so that tells you I probably bought the equivalent of a toy.  Model # for Technics receiver is SA-5370.  For the Onkyo it's TX-8511. 
Don't even consider a receiver. Most are pure junk. Look at a high quality integrated amp. Tubes would be my first choice, but there are some good SS integrateds out there too.


Like others, I would recommend a integrated amp.  Yamaha makes a AS701 which can be had new for $700. You never stated budget. 

Did a bit of searching and well reviewed integrated amps and receivers with 100 watts, or so are in the $1K+ range (aside from the Yamaha Mesch mentioned).

Audioadvisor has a Cambridge receiver (100 watts I think) for $500, but it has mixed reviews (some great/some not).

The Outlaw receiver (now $1K) has good reviews (including the phono section) and the power section seems to safe for head banging SPL's with your speakers.

Oddly enough you could put together a system for $920 (not including tax/shipping) from Schiit Audio comprised of...

- Vidar power amp $700
- SYS passive preamp $50
- Mani phono preamp $130
- 2 pairs of 6" IC cables $40

And, they are made in California.

I myself would prefer a simple integrated solution (been thinking of replacing my separate's with such for a few years now), but the Schiit stuff is enticing.