Receivers compatible with Infinity CS-3008 speakers

Hello.  I am new to this and I by no means consider myself to be an audiophile.  My low end Onkyo receiver is severely under powered for my Infinity CS-3008s (clipping at a moderately high volume).  My previous receiver was a Technics circa early eighties model which apparently could not keep up and was recently taken off life support.  Question: What is the recommended power rating for a receiver/amp which will do justice to my speakers?  I am open to recommendations as to make and model, but am not looking to take out a second mortgage on my home in order to upgrade to a better receiver which hopefully will be matched to my speakers (which will probably be the last speakers I ever own in my life).  Thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction.

Stereo use? Yamaha, Parasound Zpre3 and A21

HT, Marantz, Yamaha, Denon.

I sure fixed enough of the CS series. Surrounds and blown tweeters..

The tweeters, oscillating amps every time..

CS 3XXXs were all good performers and EASY to fix or work on..

If you knew anything about me, you'd know, I take things apart and change them if I don't like it.. LOL

About 4 or 5 pairs I REALLY tinkered with..

2 pairs of 3006s, One pair upside down, stacked and the tweeter disconnected on one. If the ceiling was 9 foot or higher the bottom box tweeter was disconnected. 8 foot ceilings, the top 3006 tweeter was disconnected..

A buddy still uses that set up in his shop.. Serious sound.
He's driving his stuff with class d. MP500s, and Mcintosh C20 tube preamp.. When I say drive I mean drive.. 115+ db.. I think its a 3 ohm load.


I should have specified that this is not for a home theater set-up.  Strictly audio, consisting of CDs and records played on a cheap Denon turntable purchased from Best Buy.  I prefer my music on the "bass heavy" side.  The combination of the Technics receiver with the speakers gave me great "bottom", and truthfully, I can't say for sure that the fact that the receiver finally crapped out had anything to do with the CS-3008s and/or playing music at an excessive volume as I tend to do when in our backyard.  I will say that the Onkyo does not perform on a level with the old Technics.  I picked up the Onkyo in the late 90s or early 2000s at Circuity City.  I believe I paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $140 so that tells you I probably bought the equivalent of a toy.  Model # for Technics receiver is SA-5370.  For the Onkyo it's TX-8511. 
Don't even consider a receiver. Most are pure junk. Look at a high quality integrated amp. Tubes would be my first choice, but there are some good SS integrateds out there too.


Like others, I would recommend a integrated amp.  Yamaha makes a AS701 which can be had new for $700. You never stated budget.