Receiver with Audyssey

Looking for new low end receiver with room correction. Currently usig Denon 2106 with first gen. auto setup. To be used in my den with lousy room acoustics. Can't correct those so wonder if the audyssey setup is the way to go? Looking at Onkyo/Denon. Will be used for HT only with in wall speaker craft 5.1 speakers. Also interested in the HDMI capability for my hdmi cable box/ps3. Suggestions?
I've also had Meridian separates. The Denon AVR1708 should fit your needs. I use one of these as well . It has two HDMI inputs and one HDMI monitor output. The Audyssey software works very well! I was surprised at how good this unit sounds. It has more features than I would ever use, being the little brother of Denon's current AVRs.
More recommendations here for Denon. Probably get the AVR688 for that on the net. Plenty of power and features, yes. Sound will mate with most any speakers. My experience is Onkyo's are a little Thin sounding at lower price points (everyone's been buying into the Onkyo's reviews). Just went to hear yet another Onkyo set up at a local store - and, yep, sounded thin and bright in no matter what speakers I selected. Same impression I got from hearing an Onkyo down at HSU Research's setup, if bland sounding.
The Denon's never fail to sound full bodied, and weighty, with plenty of detail.
Good luck
My experience with the Onkyo 805 has been outstanding. More than enough I/O, crystal clear sound, no stability issues, automatic equalizer built in, deep bass with no glare. Hard to beat for under $1K.
I've owned various Sony ES, Pioneer, Denon, B&K and Onkyo HT receivers over the last several years. I currently own the Onkyo TX-SR703 (2 versions back predecessor to the current TX-SR705) and think it is fantastic. My father-in-law just bought the 705 based on my experience and he loves it too.

I would highly recommend checking out the audio forum over at for information regarding HT receivers. There's a lot of great new mid-priced receivers on the market.


Another vote for Onkyo. I am very happy with the 805. The Denons are nice too, but i believe you can find better deals on Onkyo.