Receiver used as a pre-amp?

Hey guys... I am on the last leg of purchasing my audio system. Currently I am at:
B&W Matrix 803 II Speakers
Krell KAV 250A - Amp
Rotel 971 CD
Straight Wire Rhapsody II interconnects and speaker cable

However... I don't have the funds to purchase my last piece of equipment, a CJ PV-18 so...

Can I use my Sansui Stereo Receiver as a pre-amp in the mean time? Or do I have to wait until I finally get the CJ to hook up the Krell?

Thanks for your help!
good question. my dealer told me that i could use my integrated amp, however it had no pre outs... see on the back if you have a pre in or out.. if so, you should be in business, if not, you will probably have to wait on a pre amp, or , and i dont know alot about this, but my cd player has a volume control, and i can run my amp directly through it, however, it is a very high end cd player, and not all are capable of this.. check the back...
As long as the receiver has preamp outputs you should be able to use it until you can get your CJ. Wally
I use an old Marantz receiver as a tuner by using the
tape outputs on the receiver hooked into an input on my
pre-amp and it works great.