Receiver upgrade with Amp

I have a B&K AVR 307 Receiver. 150 watts x 7. Sounds great but I want a upgrade. Will adding a separate amp, say 200 watts to power the fronts be a step forward in audio improvement or just a step sideways. I primary listen music, 2 channel with movies second.

Also I heard many new receives have the option for you to re-direct the rear surrounds amplifier to send more power to the fronts which you would then Bi-wire. I don't know if my receiver would allow this option though.

I use a Pioneer VSX-74TXVi as a home theater processor with a Parasound HCA-1205A 5 channel power amp. Both are rated at 140 watts/channel but the Pioneer/Parasound combo sounds much better than the Pioneer by itself. My Pioneer has the capability to biamp which I do with my Parasound to my Magnepan IIIa speakers. I would definitely recommend using a separate power amp with your B&K. It will definitely be a step forward.