Receiver Upgrade - Denon vs. Rotel

I currently have a set of Paradigm Reference Speakers. Studio 60's v.2 (front), Studio CC (center) and Studio 20's v.2 (rear).

I have used a Sony receiver 444ES for a couple of years, and now would like to upgrade to something a little better.

First I had in mind the Denon AVR-3806. Then I spoke with a friend which told me to look into Rotel's RSX-1056.

To be honest, I also looked into spending a little more and go with the following setup: Rotel's RSP-1068 + RMB-1077.

The bottom line is that I am confused. Is the Rotel much better then the Denon's? And, is it much better to go with separate proc./amp.? Any input would be highly appreciated. Thank you all in advance. Sincerely,

Gustavo S.
Separtaes = best

Rotel rec = better

Denon rec = good

Your Paradigms are pretty efficent so you don't need a lot of power but, having owned the 40's in the past I know the more current you give them the better they sound. The 3806 probably has more bells and whistles than the 1056 but won't sond as good. You have to decide what is important to you. Features or sound quality. As you probably know wattage ratings don't mean a whole lot. If it were me I would go with the 1067 (less expensive than the 1068) pre/processor and a 1077.
Sorry I got the 1068 and the 1098 mixed up.

I'd go with the 1068 and 1077.
The 333 and 444 from Sony were very good units for what it's worth. Your 444 is probably better than the Denon (better amplifier). If I recall the 444 had pre outs. You could audition several different power amps at home and find the best fit for you. This would be the least expensive route to full blown separates.

Godd luck!
I second Eldarado's suggestion.
"Your Paradigms are pretty efficent so you don't need a lot of power but, having owned the 40's in the past I know the more current you give them the better they sound" (Eldorado) you're advocating not needing a powerful reciever, unless you want "better sound?"
...Well who needs better sound anyway!?!!!

"Separtaes = best

Rotel rec = better

Denon rec = good" (Eldorado)

"I second Eldorado's suggestion" (Miner42)

"If the blind lead the blind, they both go into the ditch!"
(King James Bible).
Er in this case, if the blind lead the blind, they both end up with mediocre audio systems at

I say:

Separates = REALLY GOOD
Rotel receiver = fair
Denon receiver = equally as fair
Save yourself some money and get the Rotel RSX-1056 and a separate amp like the Rotel 1075 which would allow you to reassign the two front speakers to 7.1 duty or Zone 2. There is little to no difference between the RSP-1068 and the RSX-1056 as a pre pro. They have the exact same processor, DSP, DAC and software. The RSX-1056 may introduce a touch more noise floor since it houses an amp section but I couldn't hear the difference when I auditioned the two side by side at home (when hooked up to external amps). And hey, with the RSX-1056 you get a tuner as well. While the RSX-1056 is cheaper here than the RSP-1068, the opposite is true in Europe & the UK where the 1056 costs approx. $500 more.

I said the Paradigms like lots of current not wattage. There is a difference if you didn't know.
Yes, you did say that. I'm just poking fun. You said it correctly
A few months ago I decided it was time to upgrade my Nakamichi
AV-10 receiver. Since the new stuff seemed so cheap in the Circut City etc. ads I went shopping. Two days later after several "auditions" of the mass-market stuff I compared $1500 Marantz to $2000 Rotel. I really wanted to like the Rotel as it looks neat/modern but really did not want to spend what, for me, is real money. The Marantz for me had a better musicality in 2 channel so I went for the Marantz. Long story shorter, I sold Marantz even though it did a good job on 5.1 stuff, was really no better on voice or music than my $1200 1998 Nakamichi......soooo.....If you feel it really-really needs to be upgraded (and your speakers deserve better amplification), I suggest by-passing Denon/Rotel etc. and look into better pre-pro, or my choice if I had it all over to do again, one of the High-end things from Sunfire or????--need some more help here from the guys on other Arcam avr300????I noted that Upscale Audio has some pretty good things on sale or used??good luck, mike.
I recently helped a friend put a system together based upon an HT receiver, and it came down to the Denon 3806 versus the Rotel 1056. The Rotel sounded significantly better to both of us, and I was very impressed with its performance on the whole. I have an RSP-1066 (predecessor to the 1068) in my own system, and it has been an excellent performer for me.

If it were me, I'd go Rotel, for sure, and the main decision would be receiver versus seperates.

Cheapmike has it pretty close to correct there,regarding upgrade. However, upgrading to a pre/pro, the Rotel is a worty entry level competitor for dynamics and processing. Not as refined as some, but pleny strong and reliable.
As for receivers, I think most nothing out there is really worth a hoot for the two cents. Receivers are just conveniently packaged bundles of "compromise" really. Personally, I keep going back to pre's every time I decide to give some receiver a shot in one of my systems. Just that much better separates are.
If you go with the Rotel be sure to buy a universal remote. That Rotel remote is the biggest P.O.S. and probably won't last a year.
I have both those items...great deal and sound, better features and settings than NAD wich I looked into aswell.
The Rotel is much better than any japanese receiver.

That's an interesting comment considering Rotel is based in Tokyo.
Rotel is actually based in England and does all design work inhouse but has all production done in Asia.
From their website and from the back of all of my Rotel manuals:

The Rotel Co. Ltd.
Bunzan-Shinsen-Bldg. 4F
10-10 Shinsen-Cho
Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150, Japan
Phone: 03 5458 5325
Fax: 03 5458 5310

Rotel Europe
Dale Road
Worthing, West Sussex
England BN11 2BH
Fax: +44 (0)1903 221 763

Rotel of America
54 Concord Street
North Reading, MA 01864-2699
Phone: 978.664.3820
Fax: 978.664.4109

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that there are many excellant products that just happen to come from Japan.
Dan_ed Duhhhhhh..
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After every drink my system sounds better.
My advice... Marantz SR8599, Rotel 1056 or Aracam AVR300...!
hate to add the confusion, but i second the arcam is a real giant killer, very good 2 channel audio and great video processing.
I ran a friend’s Rotel RSX-1056 for a week and then tried the Denon AVR-5803A. The 5803A was a bit of a pain to setup but I felt the sound was at least AS GOOD as the Rotel ... in fact better. I'm running the Paradigm Signature S4's and S2's in the rear with a C3 center and a Seismic 12 sub. I purchased the 5803A used for less than the Rotel 1056 new ($1400). I see the 5803A going for about $1500-2000 and the Rotel RSX-1056 are $1100 or better used the RSX-1067 is $1800 or better used and a whole lot more new - I feel like going past the $1800 point starts to get close to the cost of separates which will yield a better overall sound and more flexibility. The Denon AVR-5803 - is one series back from the current AVR-5805 ($6000) but supports 7.1 and has about a million inputs ... is extremely configurable and has an impressive sound for a receiver.

After about two months of playing I came up with this:

The RSX-1067 is the sonic winner but the price point is too high to justify and the feature list is basic. They are hard to find used and sellers often refuse to budge on price. Lots and lots of AVR-5803's and people seem to be willing to deal.

The Rotel RSX-1056 didn’t have the features or inputs I needed and didn’t gain anything in the sound department. The friend that I borrowed it from is running Paradigm Reference 40's and ADP's - Very impressive setup for what he paid. Movies are incredible and really solid music playback.

The Denon AVR-5803A seemed to have it all; lots of inputs, impressive sound and a skilled audio hunter could probably work a deal for $1300(ish) ... It has 7.1 which is all I will ever want and I'm now running the front channels out into a tubed setup through a Mark Levinson 23.5. I can go from Movies to incredible 2 channel sound with the flip of a button. I have effectively taken two systems and packed them into one.

I dont think I will touch the HT side for quite a while. It can have you shaking in your boots !!! Master and Commander was almost too much (gulp) and audio concert DVD's (Dave Matthews Band) have a fantastic sound quality and sweet detailed video. I have three component inputs as well as a composite and svideo. The 5803A media converts it all to a single component video out and the video/audio switching works flawlessly. I also like the way you can assign any of the 11 digital inputs to any of the audio inputs. It's flexible and if you take the time to figure it out can be customized into just about any setup. I will be trying out the 6 channel DVD-A inputs next (cables on order). I cant imagine being any happier.

Hope this helps
I have owned Denon and Rotel and I have to say that I did not think there was any comparison. You would have to spend a lot more on Denon, to get a comparable sound. Both of my Denons seemed to have a very thin sound. Loud enough, but something missing. Bought a used RSX-972 with less power and I have been thrilled. They are running my Reference 40s V.2. Just my opinion.