Receiver too Integrated amplifier

I have had trouble currently and in the past with 'noise' coming through my speakers when using a SimAudio i-5 integrated amplifier in conjunction with a home theater receiver via analog pre-outputs. The Moon has HT By-Pass on input 4.

I had an annoying hum between the two components so I bridged the two with a line level isolator. However, there is still very faint static coming out of the left speaker whenever a signal is input (Blu Ray or Digital Cable). Listening too two channel = no noise. Turning off the receiver and keeping the SimAudio on the same HT By Pass input there is no noise, it is only when the receiver is on.

I've run out of ideas on what it could be. Any suggestions would be most welcome.
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Try unhooking the digital cable TV connection and see if the issue goes away. If so, you need some type of an in-line isolation transformer to get rid of the noise.
Thanks gentleman.

I've tried unplugging the actual coaxial connection to my cable box and the tiny static sounds still persist.

It was the RG-6 cable coming from a face plate into the back of a digital cable box terminal if you can believe that. I guess the wire acted as an antenna, as soon as I unplugged it the static was gone. I have since carefully placed the TV cable away from other wires and will investigate purchasing a better cable with improved shielding.