Receiver Recommendations

I tried to post this once before & it didn't show up. So forgive me if it's a duplicate.

I'm looking for a used 2-channel receiver to power two sets of Polk in-wall speakers. They'll be used in our great room & bedroom. For mostly background music, but for some semi-serious listening, when I'm not downstairs listening to my main system.

My orginal thoughts were something by NAD or Rotel, but only because I'm familiar with those two. I'd be open to vintage tubes, newer digital, older ss, whatever. I don't have any use for 5-channel, but if there's a unit that's particularly good for music I'd consider it.

I'm looking to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $250-$350.

Sources will be FM(internal) and computer.


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If you can get a luxman R117 (160watts/ch), or for your situation a luxman R115 (70watts/ch) would probably more than take care of your needs. The R117 goes for $225-350 and the R115 for $125-200 on ebay. Make sure the volume control is smooth and noiseless as they are nearly impossible to replace and tend to go bad. Otherwise, a nakamichi SR3A receiver (30-35watt/ch) is a nice Nelson Pass stasis design for low powered use. The TA-4 receiver is higher powered (?100watts/ch) with a remote but not made in Japan. As I remember, the Tandberg 2075 and 2080 receivers were very nice with excellent tuners. I'd probably try the lower powered R115 luxman first.
I don't know about the TA-1A model. It might be the lowest powered as the TA-4A was the highest as I remember. The TA units were not thought to be built as well as the SA units as the latter were made in japan and the former outsourced to Taiwan. You can check the audiogon blue book for power ratings but I'd get the luxman. If you wait, you'll find one on ebay for $100-175. Anything above that I'd add an extra $75+ and get the higher powered R117. Just make sure the volume control is quiet and smooth.