Receiver recommendations?

Hello there! I am starting to build my home theater
setup, one piece at a time. I started with some decent
speakers, and now I am looking for a receiver with
pre-amp outputs to make room for an amp. Preferably
around $300 (used is OK).

Can someone recommend one to watch for? I had been eyeing
the Kenwood VR-510 and a couple of Maranz models. I don't
have any particular brand loyalty, I just don't want to
shell out big $$ for just a pre-amp at this time.
Most of the onkyo stuff was pretty good. Lots of them on ebay.
I don't care for Onkyo myself but there are some very nice Sony ES receivers that can be had used for a song. Even new, the bottom-of-the-line ES is like $400. Good luck -Arthur
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I've had nothing but grief from receivers. Too much stuffed into one box. Try the Marantz 550 pre-amp for about $250 or a similar Rotel. You can pick up a 5 channel amp for about the same (rotel 30 x 6?).

Otherwise, try and get a marantz or denon receiver new for around your price. There is no comparison in quality between a $300 denon and a $500 kenwood. The Kenwood is just filled with more crap.

Yes very good of you to catch that! Do you listen to
them a lot? My favorite CD is probably the 6-14-2000
show they released not too long ago.
Try a Yamaha rxv 695 or similar with preamp inputs and outs...
this way you can get the processor usage out of the unit and
also the "ok" preamp stage....
It would be a decent start...
yamaha processing is not bad for ht usage...
Good luck,
Custom Audio LLC
Does Onkyo generally have pre-amp outputs? I am wary of
buying on ebay without a specific model number because I
don't want to end up in the same situation I'm in
currently! I have a Pioneer VSX-D509S (which I like
quite a bit except for the lack of a real phono input) but
it's a dead end amp-wise.
You can get a used Outlaw 1050 for around $350. May not be the most beautiful receiver out there, but the sound and quality cannot be beat for that price. The 1050 does have pre-out.
You can find onkyo in the older mid-high level stuff with preouts. The new stuff in your price range do not as far as I have found. Yamaha and outlaw audio both would be fine also. All three offer products that are good bang for buck.
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Content to listen to tapes made over the years, plus lots 'o vinyl from the comforts of home...
I own a Harman Kardon AVR-55, anytime I tried ''upgrading'' I was in for a let down. It's a great machine, and does music right, on par with many costlier machines out there. As for movies, never got around to the extra channels so I cannot help you with this part of it.
For the best bang for the buck...stick with 2-channel sound...a $300 used intergrated...such as an Onix a60 or NAD c350...will surpass even hi-end AV receivers...they simply spread themselves too thin with "bells and whistles"...and a simple 2 channel set up will embarrass a more elaborate multi set up....less is much more in this case...
Have you looked at The shorten file format has
become the standard these days, lossless CD quality
compression, and plenty of ftp sites dedicated to it.

Also, Phish is going to have all shows up for sale within
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