Receiver recommendation

I have been out of the 'upgrade' fever for almost a decade now. Main reason is family is now longer myself - it has grown wife, kids, parents (who are also now my kids :) )... career has grown so not so much time left as in past.

This also means my knowledge about HT is outdated. Hence need help.

Essentially I have simplified my HT setups - from a two room setups having Von Schweikert,Dyn Audios, Cal Audio Labs, Lexicon, tubes, headphone setups (AKG, Stax etc) ... it has been a Denon receiver 3808ci with Von Schweikert 5.1 setup in family room.

In near future I am looking to buy a 4K and 3D TV. I believe my Denon 3808ci is not equipped for either. Looking for recommendations to do a balanced (maybe a little bit more tilted towards music) use in HT. Even 5.1 would be ok given that it is going to be in the family room. Budget ok upto $1500 street price.
Stick with another Denon, you're not going to find better even if your budget was triple that!


Disclaimer- dealer but not for Denon.

My limited experience with receivers (for customers) is that Pioneer Elite, Denon and Rotel receivers provide good sound quality as compared to other brands.

It will have to be a newer model to pass 3D and 4K, but purchasing used may allow you more performance.

You may want to consider a processor and amplifier as new formats are always seeming to be developed - the latest is Dolby Atmos (questionable if it will take to consumer products). While you might have to spend slightly more, I believe your long term investment will be a better value.

Good luck and kindest regards.
Thanks to both, for the information. Dobly Atmos sounds interesting ... I wasn't aware of this format ... did some reading ... like you said ... but how much of that can be used at home, unless one has a separate theater / media room to put in over a dozen speakers.