Receiver/Processor with DVI Switching

I am in the process of changing my 2-channel setup to a 7.1 HT. I pretty much got everything I need other than the receiver/processor. I have a DirecTV HD receiver outputs DVI and a Denon 3910 universal CD/DVD/SACD player that outputs both DVI and HDMI. My projector is the new Panasonic LCD PT-AE700U that has a HDMI input, and I would like to use that as my video source input. So far, the only receivers I has found that have DVI switching are the Sony STR-DA9000ES, the Denon 5805, and the new Marantz SR-8500. The Denon's price is out of my range, so I am considering between the Sony and the Marantz, but the Marantz's shipping date kept slipping. I have several questions for fellow A'goners:

1. Anyone has experience with the Sony, and how does it perform?

2. Am I putting too much emphasis on the DVI switching where there are other receiver out there that I might've overlooked? The reason I liked DVI/HDMI is that it's true 1080i, and I am trying to future-proof the setup, at least for a couple of years. My understanding is that the best component would do is 720p (for copyright reasons).

3. Does anyone know if there is a processor that has DVI or HDMI switching? I already have 5 channels of amplification, so I would only be needing the receiver for two channels of rear speakers. If there is a good processor, I would just add a separate two channel amp.

4. I would like to spend around $2k for the receiver or a processor, any suggestions?

5) Buy a $250 Geffen DVI switcher instead and buy whatever pre/pro you want. Very few receivers or pre/pro's have DVI switching, but Geffen (and Extron, but for much more money) make seperate DVI Switchers, Geffen has several models available, a 2-1, 4-1, 4-2 etc, all controllable by discreet wires remotes. This way you just add the switcher comand to any universal remote and it's the same as if you have the pre/pro do it. This also opens up many different options for processors...

I heard that Outlaw new receiver due to debut in January will have DVI-switching.
Talked to a Marantz dealer here (Washington DC area) and they said that Marantz is telling them they are shipping the SR-8500 this week. I am holding my breath. Will report back the result when/if I get it soon. Otherwise, my continued search for a DVI-switching pre/pro or receiver has not yielded any new result, and I might have to go the route suggested by Kennyt with a Geffen switcher.