Receiver or Preamp with 5 channel analog outputs

Hi, I have a Butler 5 channel tube amp with analog inputs for each channel. I want to hook it up to a receiver or preamp that has 5 channel home theatre outputs. The problem is I can't seem to find an el cheapo receiver for my needs. I've looked at Sony, Denon, Yamaha and none seem to have 5 channel analog outputs for an external amp. The all do digital. Can someone advise what receiver or preamp would work for me, but at a reasonable price?
Yes, the Emotiva UMC-1 has this. I have one connected to my Butler TDB-5150 and the pairing is pure magic...UMC-1, $699 direct from

I don't know what models you looked at, but all three of my Yamaha receivers, from the DSP-A1 to the RXV-1400, and one even cheaper, all have 5-channel analog outs for seperate amps, + a subwoofer out, and they've been like that for years. The RXV-1400 orig cost $800, I paid $169 incl shipping, here on Audiogon. You need to do some more homework.
I am with Sid on this one. I have owned some pretty mediocre AV Receivers and I can't think of one that didn't have the preamp outputs. I currently have a Pioneer elite model that does. I paid about $175 for it on Ebay about 2 years ago. It's perfectly fine for my needs and has more processing that I even knew existing back then. It has Dolby True HD, HDMI, upsampling (video and audio), THX certified (like that means anything), etc. . .

Just remember, a two year old AV Receive is worth about 25% of its original list price. A 3 year old AVR is worth about 10% of its original list price. You can typically buy last years models, brand new from dealers for well over 50% off! So keep in mind if you buy new, you are throwing away 90% of your cost if you keep it for 3 years.

Heck, I bought a Krell Pre/pro which was still a current unit in production (though in its final months) for 60% off of the list price directly from the dealer with a full warranty. I still lost 33% of my purchase price when I sold it about 9 months later! That was a 9 month old model, out of production by the time I sold it for 6 months that I sold used for 27% of it original list price!
Thanks for the responses. I was originally looking at Denon, Sony, Yamaha, but none of them seemed to have the outputs when I viewed pictures of the rear, except for the high end ones. Mind you, I was looking at the new ones in the stores so they all had digital connections, and 5 channel analogy INPUTS. I dunno if it's because i'm located in Canada and we get different models. I'll look for older models which should do the trick, but I was kinda hoping for a receiver that had hdmi inputs/outputs with the newer audio processing. But an older 5.1 would be fine. Thanks again. Oh I did notice that Marantz receivers almost always seem to have pre outs, so that could be an option too.