Receiver or amp/pre amp for Thiel 03a's

I have a pair of Thiel 03a’s and limited cabinet space for amps, etc. I need a Receiver that will power the Thiels . . . or a power amp, pre amp and FM Tuner combination that will fit on the ONE SHELF available in our cabinet. A low profile power amp may be able to sit on the floor under the cabinet (don’t tell my wife). That would mean the ONE SHELF would have to accommodate a pre-amp and tuner. It is also important that the system can power two pairs of speakers, as in Pair A, and Pair B. One salesman suggested the Rotel RX-1050 Receiver. Does anybody have suggestions?
If you are interested in the RX-150 Receiver let me know. I am considering an upgrade and may decide to sell my receiver. MY RX-1050 is 7 months and I would rate it conservative 8/10, leaning towards a 9/10 by audiogon ratings(no visable scatch's etc...) The Rx-1050 has received very favorable reviews from Absolute sound and luck
I had a pair of 03a's for close to 20 years, driven with a Ps audio elite. It was the perfect match. If you could find one it'd be worth your while. The ps audio was noted for its high current, and its power was more than sufficient for the 03's..