receiver or amp

my system:yamahaRXV1300-100watt,B&Wcdm7nt,cnt,snt,pioneer eliteDVD45A&8yr old cerwin vega sub. movies are ok but 2 chanel music not good.want to build nice system for ht&music.would like to stay with speakers. have been told to start with 2 chanel amp. any suggestions?budget 1500 for amp or receiver. will upgrade piece by piece.
anthem makes some good stuff,decently priced,does a good job with music and movies.hope this helps!
An Ayre V3 would be a huge upgrade for your 2 channel amp. But a better route might be to get an Arcam receiver. You can get an AVR-100 for $500 or less, and an AVR-200 for just under $1000. They are the best receivers for 2 channel music I've heard, and I've owned a $3300 Integra. I'd say you'd have to spend at least $3500 on separates to beat them.

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You definetly need an outboard amp. I bought a Rotel RSX-965 surround receiver in "99" and have tried Dennon, Yamaha,Anthem. I added a Rotel RMB-1075 5- channel amp to my reciever, and the sound was much better. I to am running B&W's all around, with a Pioneer DV-37 Elite DVD. You can get them for $600.00, on A-Gon. You have to remember, an amp is basically the same size as a reciever, and it just powers the speakers. As opposed to a reciever, houses all the electronics, plus an on board amp. Hope I helped?.
If I recall, the Yamaha is a pretty decent HT receiver but not high end. I don't think it even had gold plated jacks. However, does it have pre-amp outs? If so, you can start by adding a 5 channel amp. Add at least a 3 channel so the front three channels are equal. Even though you want good stereo, keep in mind that the center is the most demanding for movies; plus, keeping the front 3 equal will produce a great soundstage.

The Pioneer, B&W and even the CV are all decent buys that will produce great stereo music also. If your budget allows, replace the yamaha for a pre/pro/tuner and a power amp. You will be delighted with the better sound, better connections and probably a better remote.
Check out Outlaw audio stuffs. From what I hear, they're decent. Forget the Anthem, I had it and sold it w/in 4 wks. Movies are ok, but it's just not musical. And the built is cheap. Just my 2 cents. Good luck, Tim