Receiver going in protect mode

My son bought a harmon kardon receiver, apex dvd, and bose 201's. after one week the receiver bit it! (no display, no functions - did not have a protect mode feature). We returned it and purchased an onkyo of better quality. within the first week, it went into protect mode twice and the third time it permanently remained in protect mode. We returned this receiver, including the apex dvd and purchased a sony receiver, sony dvd, and new sony tv. This receiver worked great for one month and now it goes into protect mode at least once every other day, but is revivable by unplugging it from power and unplugging all cabling. We have decent quality monster cable for all audio and video connections. all devices are plugged into a surge protector, and line power is at 120 vac constant. The speaker wiring is in correct polarity, there are no shorts anywhere. The speakers are the only common device that has been connected throughout this ordeal. Does anyone have any ideas what could be the problem? All of the components including the tv and a desk top computer are located on a 10 foot countertop. (maybe theres some kind of cancer causing electro magnetic force field swirling around the components located next to each other) Last statement is meant to be funny or maybe not!!
I bet it is your speaker. I would use another pair of speakers and see what happens. There may be a short inside the speaker that you are not aware of.
Sure sounds like a speaker issue. Perhaps an intermittent breakdown crossover cap. Maybe pick up some "garage speakers" cheaply & play them for awhile. You could officially relocate them to your basement, bar, etc. after your troubleshooting.
Or you could pick up some garage speakers and probably decide that you like them better than the Bose.
I believe your correct about the speakers being the culprit, we have a spare set we can make a test on. I know Bose speakers are trash but I'm not the one who bought them or has to listen to them.

Thanks so much for your input, Steve R.
Well... isn't the Apex DVD player the cheapie DVD with no region encoding and the "secret" menu? Perhaps this is the culprit? Acutally that is highly unlikely. Ditch the Bose speakers and get some real speakers....anything! In my opinion, its the speakers or its the way in which they are connected, are you using both speakers A and B or just A? how loud? Records or CD's? (assume Cd's). I had some Bose 301's in the old days and my 40 watt receiver blew them! Twice! So, I am surprised the speakers did not blow up, but I think there lies your problem.