Receiver for Spendor S3/5se

I just bought Spendor s3/5se mains and the Spendor SC3 center. I now need an A/V receiver that is an appropriate sonic match. The Spendors are not very efficient (84 db). The mains can handle 125W and the center 80w. I want to stay in the Denon, Harmon Kardon, NAD, Onkyo or Kenwood lines because I can get great prices. Thank you, PARE1
Actually, SONY has revamped its ES line of AV receivers. You can get a near TOTL unit like the SONY STR-DA4ES A/V Receiver for $800 at J&R Music If the SONY is not to your liking, I would look at the Onkyo SR701.
I would look into this. Sherwood Newcastle R-925 (new) at for $375. If this still available and the dealer is authorized and is selling A-stock/new unopened box this is very much worth considering. (I believe this rec. had a $1000 retail price.) Also, Sony's ES Series (5-yr. warranty) to consider. One dealer, I believe "" has a deal on one of the NAD's av receivers.(Look under the "deals" page.)
Thank you for your responses. The receivers I'm most seriously considering are the Harmon Kardon AVR-525, NAD T752, Denon AVR-2803 or the Onkyo TX-SR701. I have 2 main concerns: 1. will the unit compliment the sound of the Spendor speakers, and 2. is there enough power to drive the inefficient Spendors?
I would think that the NAD T752 should be able to drive them fine being 80w x5 with 150w dynamic. Whether this or any of the receivers on your list will "compliment" the Spendors ??? Owned the S 3/5's and I drove them fine w/ an 80w receiver. One other dealer you might want to look into would be ( They carry NAD I'm pretty sure and they have excellent prices w/great customer service. Good Luck! Bill
I have the 3/5s on loan and just put them in my tv/bedroom system driven by my old NAD 40 watt receiver. Given their relatively low efficiency, I am shocked by how good they sound.