Receiver for Klipschorn Home Theater

Looking for recommendations for a really good home theater receiver to use with my 1987 KHorns.  I am going to try and use my PSB Center (Stratus C6) with the Khorns.  Not sure how that will match-up since PSB in not a horn.  If necessary I will get something different.  I don't have rear speakers now; not sure if I will add those later.  I do have two REL 328 subs that I will try in the setup.

Don't need a lot of power, but I do need a high quality receiver that is quiet and that will match good with horns.


The PSB center is an extreme mismatch to use with KHorns. Besides being a timbre mismatch, there is a 14db difference in sensitivity. That PSB center will need a huge amount of additional power to keep up with the KHorns, and most A/V receivers give you about a 10db adjustment to balance channels which won't be enough.

Makes sense;  I will probably end up getting a good Klipsch Center.  Any thoughts on a really good receiver?

If Atmos is not a must have, I would try a midlevel or higher NAD or Anthem.  A Belle Klipsch will make a great center if you want to mount TV on top.  If you have a projector and AT screen a La Scala will be great also.


Get the lowest-powered (cheapest) AVR you can find.  It'll sound better than the higher powered ones.  No kidding.  The more output devices the amp has, the harder it is to make them sing together.  If you get something <50 wpc (or preferably <30 wpc), you normally get a SINGLE PAIR of output transistors.  These sound cleaner than multi-transistor outputs.

If you can get by with stereo only, try a Qinpu A-6000 (16 wpc hybrid tube/ss).  It'll make those K-Horns sit up & sing!
I've been keeping a lookout for a used Belle Klipsch; agree that would make a really good center
i used a Marantz SR9600 for years with my Klipschorns. I used a set of Klipsch KG5.5 for center and rears. it was a fantastic system. I added a set of wall mounted Klipsch when i went to a 7.1 system. The marantz really worked well with the Klipschorns. My new home will not accomodate the Khorns so they are sadly put away but I still love the Marantz for my AV even though its outdated.