Receiver for Focal Audio 826v


I'm currently using an Outlaw Audio 2150 to drive these speakers and they sound amazing to me. I'm just curious if the output of the Outlaw is too low of wattage and could cause damage? My receiver is the cheapest gear in my whole system, however I am really satisfied with it, as the 2150 sounds great to me. I'm just curious if using the Outlaw 2150 in my setup would be questionable, regardless as I've already mentioned I love the sound and the power is way more than enough for my volume listening level. Here is the rest of my setup for an evaluation.

VPI Scoutmaster Dynavector 17D3 / P75 preamp VPI SDS Furman power conditioner Ginkgo cloud 11 DH Labs BL1 interconnects and speaker wire.
It would be very foolish to change something you are happy with and are listening to; unless, of course, you are an audiophile. If that's the case, I'm sure great recommendations of all kinds will start pouring in throughout the day.
The RR2150 puts out a true 100 wpc. Unless you truly like ear bleed levels, you are probably OK. Besides, you like the combination.

Speakers are usually damaged by dirty power ... the type that causes high distortion when you drive your amp to clipping.

Thanks for the information!

I'm not looking to upgrade, I was just concerned that the amp is considered too low of wattage for these speakers. As I mentioned I am happy with this setup and honestly don't see the need to upgrade for a long while. The 2150 puts out more than enough power for my home level of listening and sounds great, granted this is my first real receiver that I've used, and I'm more than happy with this complete setup as it sounds great in my opinion.