Receiver Equivalent of Sansui AU Integrateds

Trying to help out a friend with a pair of Klipsch Fortes. She wants a receiver: Sansui or Marantz... I've heard good things about the Sansui AU series with the Fortes. Which receivers are the AU equivalent? Is it worth having them restored? I have no idea what that would cost.

Thanks very much, Peter S
i'd get a kyocera--best built units of the 80s era.
Anyone of the Marantz 2200 series Recievers will work fine..A touch warmer than the Sansuis' but still a good match..The Marantz 2238 was a good match..I used that combo for awhile..Usually $150-$400 depending on how much work has been done ( and condition ) bring it back to life...The #2270 is an Awesome piece ( owned that one also ) but demands more $$$ ...You won't need much power to drive the Fortes'so 30 watts per channel ( #2238 is 38 watts )is plenty ......Feel free to email me if you need more info. Good Luck
If you check on the Klipsch owner's site I think you will find several recommendations for Harman Kardon HK-430 and/or 730 receivers.