Receiver as Tuner

I will be purchasing a tuner in the future. For the meantime, can I connect the pre-amp output of my receiver to the tuner input of my preamp and use the receiver as a tuner? I don't think that it should be a problem, but I wouldn't want to do any damage through lack of knowledge.
Using the "pre-amp out" on your receiver should not cause any damage, but you would have two volume controls when listening to radio. Would recommend setting the volume on the receiver to about 40%.

The other option is to connect a "tape out" from your receiver to your preamp. The Tape Out of a receiver is not effected by the volume control.

Depending on the quality of your receiver, one method may sound better than the other. (just remember that the two methods may produce considerably different volume levels).
Just use the tape out, and select tuner. This will be a
fixed output, and will avoid the twin volume concerns.
Thanks. I followed your advice and used the tape out. It's working fine for now. Time for some tuner research.
Great!,...sorry to Audiofile9, my advice was no more than his...I need to read the posts more throughly!

FM is such a great way to learn of new music. If you are a Jazz fan, and have a PBS station in your area, see if these two shows are available in your area.

1. Riverwalk, Live from the Landing.

2. Jazz with Bob Parlocha

Great used FM tuners are soooo...inexpensive compared to CD players and turntables...just check the A'goN tuner section.

Best, Jim
May I suggest the Luxman tuners. Very good sounding with excellent selectivity. Good luck.
Thanks for the great idea! I just hooked my vintage
Marantz 2226B receiver up to my BAT pre-amp thru a "tape
out" and am now enjoying great FM stereo! This receiver has
the old "Gyro-tuning" and picks up alot of great stations.
Thanks again!