I'm looking to up grade (change) my NAD 7155. I have epos M5 speakers (sometimes I use the Silverline Minuets). Any suggests as for a good receiver. I listen to rock, blues etc.. I'm to Used and New stuff.

I'm on a fixed income.

Outlaw RR2150 or, since you already like the sound, a NAD C 725BEE. Both very nice, NAD is lower powered, slightly warmer sounding.
NAD receivers are probably your best bet. I like old Marantz or McIntosh too but reliability can be an issue. You might want to try and integrated amp and you'll have alot more choices.
Any thoughts on Harmon Kardon. I'm not fixed on the warm NAD, although it has served me very well.
Another way to approach this, is to ask what would be a dynamite receiver for EPOS m5 and Silverline Minuets perhaps even Paradigm Studio 20's ?
NAD is better than Harmon Kardon.
Rotel has alot of choices. Very good build quality, easily available on audiogon or e-bay.
NAD went through several phases. They sold to company and produced very mainstream units for a while. Then it changed again, maybe more than once. The pieces that I remember as having the quintessential NAD sound were from the late 80's. I had their 75 watt reciever and LOVED it.
I tested several high end receivers Denon, Sony, Pioneer, and Yamaha and I guarantee that the Denon is the best in sound and performance that outshine the other companies.

Luxman. They have a complete line of tube and solid state amps. Just did a major shoot-out and think these are the bee's knees for musicality. Had the best from NAD M series and LFD, not even in the same league.
I would look for a nice integrated. Not many decent sounding receivers. If you have to have a tuner you can pick up the little Sony HD tuner for around $100.
Your speakers a really good and will shine with good amplfication.