Received my DALI Hellicon speakers this week

Finally got them set up last night. (I have the 800s for fronts, the C200 for the center, and the W200s for surrounds -- with an existing Velodyne sub.) While they still need some significant breaking-in (as all new speakers do), some early reads on the sound are that the sound-stage is excellent (listening to Allison Krouse, I could easily discern where the individual musicians were playing on the stage) and clarity was good (although I expect this to improve over the next several weeks as the speakers "age").

I'm running the Helicon's with Outlaw Audio amps, an Integra receiver as a pre-amp, a Pioneer combo player, and MIT and Monster cables.

Haven't tried it with a DVD yet, but that's next on the agenda. I'll give a more complete report on the speakers in a few weeks. But, so far, I am very pleased.

By the way, they are replacing a Definitive Technology setup (which I still think are excellent speakers -- but very different from the DALIs).
Do let us know the updates on the sound of the Helicons. They received some rave reviews in the Euro audio press.