Reccomended power cords for Cary gear

Can anybody reccomend power cords for Cary gear?

I have a SLI-80 integrated amp and a 303/100 CD player.

Many thanks,

Synergistic Research all the way.
I use Virtual Image "Pile Driver" cables on my Cal Audio CDP and my Cary pre-amp. Awesome cables. E-mail me if you would like some more info. Thanks. Zach
My V12i is connected with a Powersake Taipan and my 2002 pre is using a TG Audio SLVR. Cary 308 T is using Powersnake Viper V2.
I have used JPS cords and Audio Tekne on Cary. Both sound great
Why don't you try DIY with Belden 83802? I'm putting together kits ($32) or selling just the wire for $2.50/ft.
Sorry if I'm being crass here, but this magical FireWire is cheap and simply needn'e spend $$$, IMHO.
I've owned the 303/100 for about a year and a half now and I've tried 3 different pc's.
The Virtual Dynamics Audition is the clear winner.
Even my non-audiophile friends-come to think of it, that's all my friends-remarked "how much better" my system sounds.
And this is without me telling them to listen for any difference.
They simply made the observation on their own.
Good people to deal with to.