reccomendations for component video cable.

I recently bought an Ayre D1-X CD/DVD player and am looking for reccomendations for a component video cable. I am currently using a Signal Cable component cable with BNC adaptors on the Ayre end. The video looks great now, but I'm assuming it might be worth it to look into getting something better than the Signal Cable for the Ayre. The Ayre is running to a Sony 57" RPTV.

Thanks, -Ryan
Frank's cable is pretty good. I used that same cable w/ bncs, for 18mos. Then I bought a new projector that didn't take bncs. I went with the Wireworld ultraviolet 5.This is a silver clad wire.
This is my personal opinion: I have a 12k projector and a 100 inch screen. The larger the picture.the more important the cable.See if you can pick up a silver content,cable used. See if it improves on what you're now using.(There are many used cables here and at avsforum--aka