Reccomendations for 802D's?

I'm finally getting what has been my dream speaker. I never thought I'd own these but the time has come. I should have in the next month or so. I will be running the new mc2301 from Mcintosh (not released yet). Any reccomendations on placement of the 802D's. Also the Mcitosh can run at diferent ohms 2, 4, and 8 I think, so will either make a diference with the 802D. Other equipment will be C500C&T pre, MT10 TT, Classe A CDP202, and two MC2301 300 watt tube mono amps.


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I used to own the 802d and would recommend moving them away from the front wall and corners. I found their bass to be a bit boomy and loose. I was able to tame it a bit by upgrading my pre and amp because I was unable to position them well into the room. I also agree with the opinion that tube amps may not be best suited to this speaker. Given their sound characteristics, I would think about a powerful ss amp that is dynamic and fast. Anyway , just my 2 cents.
beerdraft, dont get me wrong. I am not disparaging your satisfaction with your system. I actually applaud it! Only your opinion matters. Don't let your audiophile buddies convince you that your system is deficient in any way. Trust your own ears.

Congrats on putting together a system that appeals to you. You have achieved what many of us have not.