Reccomend power amp for Virgo"s

Looking for the best power amp to drive Audio Physic Virgo"s,using TACT Audio digital pre-amp.
Try the Pass Aleph 3. I used it with the Libras I owned & now the Avantis. It's excellent.
I run mine with a VT100m2, and SFM-160's. Those both work very well. I had some Denon mono's hooked up once, and they did not sound as good. I guess the speakers are sensitive to quality. I have heard that for solid state amps, the Ayre, and the Pass amps are the way to go. The should really have 100w plus driving them. Nordost cabling is also recommended. I use that, and I did notice a great increase in detail. The Virgo's are set for a 4 ohm load and I have heard that they spend most of their time below that.
I do agree with responses above, but would add Cary 805C and on the solid state side the best I've heard was Goldmund mimesis 28 amp. Good luck