Reccomend an integrated tube Amp-under 2k

I've got some good advice from this forum, so in that spirit I would like some ideas about getting a new integrated amp for my speakers.

The speakers I have are VMPS QSO 626R:
Mid: - 280 Hz - 6.9 kHz
Treble: - FST, 6.9 kHz - 30 kHz
Impedance & Sensitivity:- 8 Ohm (5.6 min.) 90 dB/1W/1m
Power handling: - 150 W rms /4 Ohms, 20 W min.
Frequency response:- 42 Hz-25 kHz +0/-3 dB

I have already an integrated tube amplifier: Melody SP3, modified with Mullard and TungSol tubes.
My source is 90% digital music( CDs and computer, via a CI Audio DAC).
I feel that I don't get the full potential of those speakers with this amp, so I would like to "upgrade":)

My budget is something under $2000.
Primaluna PL2 gives you lots of choices with output tubes EL34, 6550, KT88 etc. Well built, nice sound. Used around $1000.
for 2k or less you could get a creek 5350 classic thats warm, detailed, and you'll get that woofer in the vmps putting out deeper bass than you're likely to get with another small tube amp. if you're determined to stay with tubes however. look at the rogue cronus.
The VTL IT85 is a fine performer
I feel that I don't get the full potential of those speakers with this amp, so I would like to "upgrade"
What do you feel is missing or out of balance?
Not enough power or authority?
Dynamic contrasts?
Loose of flabby bass?
Rolled off high frequencies?
Too much midrange emphasis, not enough?
Clarity or image focus?

A little more info would really help people understand what you are looking for. There are actually some pretty good choices within your price range.
rogue cronus
re: Darkmoebius
My current amps does not have enough power and the clarity is somehow not "clear" :)
It seems as well the sound stage is a bit on the small scale...
I think, given your speakers' specs and your desire for more dynamic power and greater clarity, that a Pathos Classic One Mk III would be something to explore. You'd get about double the Melody's output at 8 and 4 ohms (130 at 4, within your peak range for the speakers). The pre stage is Class A and true balanced, and has a pair of XLR inputs, which makes it more versatile than the Melody. It also has a remote, something the melody lacks. I think the Solid State amp stage might also give you the dynamic authority and strength in sound staging you cite as a problem with the Melody. I heard the melody in a casual listening sessions and thought it pretty nice, but that it would be bested by most others mentioned here (VTL and Rogue especially). I think that Pathos keeps its resale well, as it's got good reviews, looks great, and most importantly sounds great.
The Pathos one seems VERY nice, but there is noone in US that sells for under 2k:(
The Melody SP3 is rated ~38wpc, but not all watts are the same in tube-vill. Melody isn't a company particularly known for producing muscular amps, so their emphasis might be elsewhere.

Manley Labs, on the other hand, is famous for their powerful tube amps, even their lower rated offerings. Their similarly rated (in Ultralinear mode) Manley Stingray will probably provide much greater authority and drive than the Melody. There is one listed here for under $1,500.

The thing that you have working in your favor is that the QSO 626R are -3dB @42Hz which will save any tube amp from having to reach too deep.

A Cary SLi-80 might also do the trick at 40wpc Triode and 80wpc Ultralinear. Cary does midrange richness and tonally density like nobody's business. There are two here for $2.1k OBO - one with the F1 upgrade, the other the Signature Series w/ Jensen Cap upgrade

Almarro A50125A(125wpc) tube integrated - a little out of your price range($2.2k, new w/ warranty), but I owned one of their other integrateds and it was superb for the money. Here is a 6Moons review where the A50125A and the Manley Stingray are directly compared.
Thank you Darkmoebius and everyone else!
The Pathos Classic III is on audiogon now for 1500 for a Mk III and around 1000 for a Mk II. Just search for pathos. I wouldn't necessarily go for a Mk I since II had some good improvements that III inherits.
I've read a bit about hybrid integrated amps, and it doesn't match my taste: pure tubes all the way:)

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion!
VTL is value.Maybe a bit more would get best value in a a Cary SLi-80.If you want to tube roll and still get SS control of bass the Pathos III (not II) is great.Only thing I don't like is lack of pre-out main in.One guy here in systems had two side by side for 170 wpc(!!!).Maybe another hybrid to check is Unison Unico line.Great reviews.I have all tube EAR EL34 40 watt and it's great but sometimes I wish I had more slam in bass and not just great mids.If yu ever wantot bi-amp a pre-out is nice which mine does not have.
Cayin t-70a