Reccomend a good preamp for me.

I have nixed the preamp for a while now with using only a DCS Rossini DAC going direct.  I have that in the back of my room and a 10M pair of balanced cables that run to my various amps I use.  I have been getting back into vinyl again and even a cassette player so I am in need of a preamp that will have at least one balanced input and 2 more RCA inputs.  I have been trying different amps and speakers lately also and think I will land on some kind of lower powered tubes and higher efficiency speakers.  I used to have a few nice preamps years ago and I always remember thinking the preamp was a big piece of the puzzle the heart maybe of the system.  PS Audio BHK looks good maybe or a Pass Preamp?  I'm out of the loop on preamps. 
Find a preowned Luxman C800F and you're done, does not sound like a solid-state or tube sound, just natural and ultra low noise design and built to last forever. 
I've owned a LOT of Preamps in my years of being involved in Audio...including  EAR 912.  Truthfully...wouldn"t trade any of them for the BLACK ICE F360 I currently have in my System.  As a line stage it is stellar.

I use the Balanced outputs to run 20ft of cable to my KR842VHD based monoblocs with no problem at all.  
Lots of recommendations for a Don Sachs preamp. I have one and am extremely impressed with it.

Don will customize it to your specs. He’s a great guy to talk to.

One caveat: Don no longer builds his preamps with balanced outputs. Inputs, yes. Outputs, no.

Well worth consideration.
I can highly recommend Concert Fidelity CF-080LSX2. Masataka can make one of the inputs and outputs balanced. It is one of the most neutral preamps. It allows easy tube rolling.
The Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL Preamp is a giant killer. It beat the 16K pass labs and the Vinnie Rossi LIO DHT. I had to put it back on the rack because nothing else I’ve tried sounds as good.