Recc.for warm,smooth sounding tube amps

I have older vintage ARC tubed monoblocks which sound lean and strident to my ears. Would appreciate reccomendations for tubed monos with a warmer, more liquid sound.
I would highly recommend the Conrad Johnson Premier 12's. They are very warm and liquid, and are very full bodied sounding - sounds exactly like what you are looking for - and they have enough power (140 watts) for most speakers. The sheer "sweetness" of this amp will have you smiling ear to ear. Good luck.
Have you thought about retubing it? I just finished a D-70 Mk II with significant results. Also, might want to check the output bias on the existing tubes. Sorry if this advice sounds too simple-minded, but I had the same experience with my ARC equipt (dry-sounding).
The VAC gear is fantastic. Either in mono's or their stereo units. Listen to their 30/30 amp, one of the best.
Do try different tubes if you have the opportunity. The Balanced Audio Technology VK-60 is sensational in design and the resulting sound is as good as it gets.
I would recommend Atmasphere M60 MKII. Great Amps.