recapping ps audio model 2c +

i've had the pleasure of owning a ps audio model 2+ power for the past five year. the amp still sounds very good but i really feel that it need to be recapped seeing that it is now 20+ years old. i would like to know if anyone else has had experience recapping this unit. i would like to know if anyone can provide me with a brand name of caps that they have tried with this amp along with the spec or model #'s of the capacitors needed . i have already contacted ps audio, unfortunatelly, they do not even have the schematics for the amp anymore and could not even provide me with any replacement part value or numbers. i was very close to letting this unit go for $150, but i just could not justify selling such a good sounding amp for such a low price.
Did you ever re-cap yours?

I have one and am looking into recapping it.

I have not been able to find a schematic but wonder if after taking it apart the parts would be clearly marked.