Recapping Krell KSA 250

I have received a quote of $1500 for recapping. The amps have been in storage for 10 years and were bought new by me in 1992. I talked to an EE who said that was a bit excessive for replacing capacitors. I know the standard answer is that it's a Krell amp and needs special attention. I would like to sell these amps but there are some financial constraints.If I turned on these amps to see if they still work without having a recap, what is the risk to the amp.  As the  amps are heavy and expensive to ship, I am wondering if there is anyone in the southeast near Alabama who might be able to do the work?
Strongly second jollygreen's advice above. Simple to do and worth it -- better safe than sorry!
I'd be real careful with the Variac on a SS. Someone else can chime in, BUT most SS stuff is a little picky about low voltage. 

I've had KSA 100 MK2 and KSA 250, both were wonderful, units.
Both were recapped at about the 25-30 year mark.

The guy was in Sacramento CA. He charged me 500.00 labor per Krell
Including a 5.1 HT unit. The bill was 1300.00 with parts for a pair. 725.00 with parts on the 5.1 HT preamp/dac. (all class A, on the pre too.)

Still have the Preamp, sold the Krell amps years back. They will heat up a room, no problem..100, or the 250s, but all 4 was like an inferno in the summer...HOT!  Worse than  most of the valve units I owned.

Sure sounded good though, some of the best sounding SS I ever owned. They would best any of the class ds I own now. But the heat..


Whoa!!  Yes, turning on the amp can be a major problem .... it may blow a component and you can just hope the safety circuitry or fuses do their job.  See if you can buy a used Variactor somewhere nearby, plus ghe amp into it, and start by feeding it a 15v current (not 115v).  Let it burn in for about 1-2 hours at each setting as you slowly increase the voltage in 10v increments.  After you reach full power let it run warm for 24 hours.  After that your capacitors and resistors should be good to go.  If you want to replace them for sound quality, do it for that reason.