Recapping Krell FPB-Monoblocks - Need Advice

I have a flawless pair of original Krell FPB-350m’s I purchased from the original owner several years ago local to me. I am kind of on the fence as what to do, They definitely need a recap as one of them is heating up now and shuts off after 25-30 minutes. I’m debating recapping with upgrades or selling them as is and trying out Parasound JC-1’s or a Pass Labs X250.8. If I do recap them is there anyone in the western United States that can work on them? Krell is back east and wants $1300 per amp and I would have to pay shipping across the country. That would cost me around 3k. That seems quite high for a recap. Is there a dramatic difference sound wise when having these old amps rebuilt with modern caps?  If I do sell them as is what could I roughly expect to get out of them. I am clueless As to what they are worth? My system consist of Egglestonworks Andra II speakers and a AYRE K-1XE preamp. Any advice would be appreciated.
Recapping will probably improve the sound modestly, but you are unlikely to recoup the cost.  

Might be worth listening to modern amps first.
I’m in the Northwest! What modern amps would compare to the big old school class A stuff. If I do have the FPB’s rebuilt I will never get rid of them. I wish there were some factory certified techs on this side of the country. 
If all you need is a recap any good technician should be able to do it.  No need to send your equipment across the country.  I would not operate the amps if they easily overheat to avoid additional damage.
They do more than just a recap when you send in a unit for service. You'll get them back within full spec and they'll will last you a long time. For $3K, I'd definitely have them serviced and enjoy their quality sound.   
Yeah, I probably will bend over and send them in! Krell used to do 25% off there legacy amp rebuild program at Christmas but I guess the current management has no plans to do that again. I was going to have it done as a present to myself this year. I immediately pulled them out of my system when it happened and called a tech at Krell! He said a bad cap makes it go out of Bias and overheat! I currently have a 150 watt older Musical Fidelity amp I use as a backup! It actually is surprisingly good. I still want to try out some Pass Labs amps! I’ve always heard they were hard to beat.