Recapping Cary CAD805C monos

I have a set of Cary CAD805C monoblocks. On 1 of the amps, a cap is failing causing static dissipation upon shutdown through the connected speaker. Since I need to replace the offending cap, this might be an opportunity to upgrade both amplifiers with premium capacitors. I'm looking for guidance from those who have taken the plunge to upgrade their 805s. I need to know which caps, what values and what is the best brand to purchase. I have an excellent local electronics technician who can perform the necessary service.
Please be specific if possible. Appreciate any help here since I intend to use these fine amplifiers for years to come.
Cary utilized the new Cardas Teflon caps in their Founder's Edition amplifiers, but I have not heard these in an 805 amp. I have heard a Cary 805 re-capped with a) Mundorf Gold/Silver and oil caps and b) V-Caps and I much preferred the Mundorf.