Recabling recommendations

I'd like to ask your opinion about cabling. I own a Canary Audio setup using the Reference One with CA-906 and CA-430 phono stage with DPS/Schroder reference and finally Tonian labs M1mkII speaker system. For the time being I use the Eccose Legend mkII silver ICs as long with Supra sword speaker cables. I believe it is time for recabling the whole system (ICs, SCs and PCs). I already have a incredible experience with Kondo KSL-Lp interconnects but not in my own system. I'm also thinking of CRLs, Fadel and Silent Source cables.
Any help, or other recommedation, would be very much appreciated.
Best regards in advance
I've auditioned and really liked the Silent Source. I haven't heard the others you mentioned.
I will second Krell_man on SS cables....especially PC.
Good thinking! I hghly recommend Clear Day Solid Core Shotgun/Double Shotgun Speaker Cables. Tek Line Cables has a new power cord for $350 that includes Wattgate 330/350i connectors!!!! I am currently using Morrow Audio MAP 2s but upgraded with 330/350i connectors. I will have the Tek Lines by next week
I don't know how much money you want to spend. But I can share with you my experience as Canary owner. I have the Reference power amp and CA 903 pre. Since both Canary pre and power amp have "honest" or neutral sound, depends on you music taste, I use Tara Lab Zero long i.c between pre and power, Crystal Cable Ultra i.c from TT/digital to pre. If you want to add little coloration, I had also used MIT V1.1 ic, but at the sacrifice of losing punch and dynamic (compare with Zero). It all about synergy and musical preference. I have also tried out Conrad Johnson Premium 10 pre-amp,it adds the mid range magic of 300B tubes, but loses the finesse and delicacy of the highs.

The Canary system you have is very dynamic. CA906 has fuller mid range (due to 6SN7 they use), but not dynamic as CA903.

Thank you all for your help.
Samleung, I agree with you about CA-906 vs CA-903SE. I feel that 906 is more "complete" preamp: it is more delicate, with lots of resolution and the best soundstage I've ever heard (HUGE depth to die for) and absolutely gorgeous strings timbre. The only thing that puzzles me is that is not as powerfull as 903SE OR this is because it has worse S/N (72 vs 95dB)???? As a matter of fact I continue to own the CA-903 too and as soon as the break in progress completes I'll have a direct comparison between the two preamps.
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