Rec's for a dull sounding analog system

Classe CAM200
VTL 2.5 pre
Wadia 301
Tannoy D700's
Linn LP12 / Ittok / Benz Micro L
Monolithic Sounds(Modwright)
Audioquest Emeralds between phono pre and TT

My lp12 (033687) is stock. The serial number is prob from the 70's. I only have about 2k to invest, but would like to start somewhere. My VTL does not have a phono stage. Is upgrading this age of LP12 worth it? What are my smart options?
Um, this may be a silly question, but if you don't have a phono stage how do you know your analog sounds dull?

Anyway, I upgraded a seventies LP12 and it was worth it to me. You might find a used Valhalla, but better I think to go for the Cirkus/Lingo. If you have to spend some budget on a phono stage, get the Cirkus and that. You will have music while you save for the Lingo.
I assume your Monolithic Sounds refers to a PS2 phono stage? Without which you would lose the RIAA equalization that a phono stage performs and make your system sound dull, flat and compressed.
Pawlowski6132 - Monolithic is the PS2 version.
Can you be more specific about "dull"? Is the stylus on the Benz possibly worn out? does the Monolithic provide sufficient gain and appropriate loading for your low-output moving coil cartridge?
Tobias - Sorry, the Monothic is the phono pre, I just did not note it as such. Yeah, I was thinking lingo/cirkus, but had reservations about upgrading a 70's lp12. Some folks talk about latter models being braced better and whatnot. I don't know how much of a difference that even makes.
Holmejr, thanks for the clarification. (I could have Googled it myself instead of asking a silly question.)

Yes, the corner bracing on the plinth of the later LP12s is better, but that doesn't mean you should not get a Cirkus and a Lingo for your present table IMHO. The contribution of the plinth changes to the sound of the TT is minimal as long as you have your LP12 on a decent support. And hey, I'm a fixer-upper.

If your sound is dull now, you might check your VTA if you haven't done that recently. "Dull" could mean it's too low.
Maybe dull is the wrong word. I compare it to my wadia 301 cd player (that's all I have to compare it to), and maybe I'm asking a bit to much, but I would like the dynamics and clarity of my lp12 to come as close as possible to my digital playback. I hear all these folks beaming how their analog playback "blows their digital away", but I don't hear it. Not exactly apples to apples, and we all know analog will sound "differenct" than digital. Anyway, my deck was set up by Brooks Berdan here in S Cal so I have confidence in the setup. Also any upgrade would be done my Brooks. Obviously, I need to start somewhere.
This is curious. A "better" TT provides better information retrieval (i.e. extension, dynamic impact, etc) -- but even your bog-standard Linn should be superior in many ways to yr Wadia -- esp as it's been set-up by experienced people.
So, the problem is downstream. The phono loading is one likely culprit. The phono itself, another. I would check the loading first. Yr cartridge specs 32ohm internal impedance & recommended resistive loading 400-47k Ohm. This wide range is hardly helpful, esp in the absence of inductance or recommended capacitive loading. I checked a Stereophile review of this cartridge -- but they don't give the loading they used either -- or I missed it.
So, either your dealer or you, try changing the resistive loading & report back -- before you purchase anything. You might also check the capacitive loading in yr Mod and mail Benz, and pray for a response. Cheers
Holmejr, I think I had only half a brain working when I first posted to this thread. You say dull-sounding analog, and you have a Linn. That should have rung the big Linn bell, the table setup bell.

All LP12s need a suspension setup at least yearly. If they don't get it they lose their wonderful liveliness and pace and start to sound, well, not dull and draggy perhaps, but getting there. LP12 setup needs to be done by a properly trained technician, of course, not the normal TT owner. Was your last setup done awhile ago?

Your table may also need to have some suspension parts changed if it is very old. Linn sold a spring and grommet kit called the Nirvana at one point, but it may no longer be available. I presume Brooks Berdan has already looked after that, but if you're not sure, it might be useful to check.