Rec Out to Headphone Amp

I hope I am posting this in the correct place and I hope someone can answer this.
I am selling a Integrated Amp (Primare I22 Analog Version) on eBay and potential buyer has a question that I am not entirely sure of.
Question is: Can Rec Out be used to connect Headphone Amp?
From my own knowledge, I would say Yes. The signal coming out of the Rec Out can be sent to an input on some other unit. This signal is line level and not amplified.

Am I correct in my thinking? I am assuming the person asking this wants to send the signal to an headphone amp to get better results versus the built in headphone output of the Integrated Amp.
What I am not sure about is would the Volume affect the signal. He/She did not ask that but I am inquiring about that also in case they do.
Anyway, any information would be greatly appreciated.

Yes. Rec out provides what is called a line-level signal, which headphone amps expect.

About the only RCA connection that won't work is from a turntable without a built in pre.
As long as it is a "rec-out" and not a "pre-out".  Pre-outs are controlled by the volume control and run through all the circuitry.  Pre-out will sure work, but rec-outs (or tape outs) usually have a much cleaner signal.
Thanks for the input.
I will relay the message.
Yes.  I used the Tape Out on my Modwright LS-100 and Record Out on my AR LS-26.
That’s exactly how mine is set up.... If you listen carefully, (at least with mine) the system sounds very slightly better with the headphone amp disconnected.