Rebuilt laser any good?

My Theta Data Basic II transport worked perfectly for 3.5 years after I got it but recently started skipping. The nice Theta guy says a laser rebuild runs about $400 and offers about 95% of the original performance. Search of the A-gon database shows others have already been here. Does anyone care to say how your repair results affected performance?
Why would you want 95% of the original. After a couple of hours listening, that (missing) 5% would bug me. Get a new player. peace, warren
Since the Theta unit is a Pioneer in reality a new laser should be available from Pioneer and I have a guy in Virginia that will do the repair for you. He does a good job and is reasonable. He does all of the laserdisc repairs for me. Another good place would be United Radio in New York. They are an excellant repair facility.
Maybe the Nice Guy is being overly honest?
Where is he coming up with his 95% rating?
Have they done side by side tests on original, & fully re-calibrated repaired units?

I would only go along with the repair as long as the entire laser head unit is replaced.

I have in the past in my LD days had a Runco JR II's & along with a Mcintosh MDL-7020 laser go south.
Both where 100% both audio & video wise once the entire head unit was replaced & worked perfectly for another 2 years while I owned them.

I would hope to speak to someone else whom can guarantee that the unit will be 100% once repaired, prior to using them.
The Theta Data Basic II does not use a pioneer transport. It is a Philips CDM-9 Pro.
The nice Theta guy's 95% was in response to the fact that the CDM-9 pro is no longer available. Has anyone else been there, done that?
...four hundred bucks is about the price of a used one, CDM-9 and all.
Isn't this the model that is also a laserdisc player?
the data universal plays laserdiscs,not sure about the basic. kurt
The Data and Data II are the laserdisc players and should be avoided at all cost. The Data Basic and Data Basic II are CD only. I've never seen a working Data Basic II for $400. If you have one, please let me know.
For those of you still on the beam, today the Theta Data Basic II returned home from its trip to the factory. The laser did not require replacement. Comments per the invoice: Replaced Some Caps, Lubed Bearings, Tested All OK.

Comments per me: so far so good, sounds as good as ever - plus, the drawer seems quieter than before. The nice Theta guy anticipates the next service in 18 months for laser replacement. Stay tuned :^)