Rebuilding ESS AMT series crossover.

I've read enough here to understand that my crossover network is past due for maintenance. They are powered by a B&K Reference 200.2, and the preamp is an Onkyo SR701. I've already replaced the diaphragms and woofer (impedance matched). The speakers are an early release with there only being a single 10" woofer, and it is ported. I am hoping to find a schematic and recommendations for the C & L components. I appreciate any help since I've just discovered this resource. Thank you, Bud
Budkoss, I would suggest substituting crossover parts with wiring installed with alligator clips.I did this when modifying/building two sets of speakers.It is amazing the difference changing out a single component can make.I learned quite a bit about the integration of the drivers and the effect of different capacitors.If you must choose one over another,choose the one that allows best integration.Bypasses and wiring can augment or change a weakness elsewhere.
I am currently using a ESS Heil tweeter in a 3 way. I just upgraded the capacitors in the tweeter leg to Jantzen superior series Z capacitors and now I have the most fantastic tweeter I have ever heard. Although I have had this tweeter for at least 20 yrs, it did not take on this incredible sound until I added the new capacitors.
Have used the Jantzen cross-coil inductors and really like them.
I appreciate your feedback and recommendation. I will begin looking for them now. Any thoughts on crossover for the woofer. I'm thinking mine were designed for 1,000 Hz, and I've read that 750 to 800 sounds better in the bass. Any thoughts on this?
With two-way speakers,I prefer a 6db/oct crossover.You will need to look at the response to see if it is feasable.I believe Parts-Express has a table for determining crossover components/crossover frequency.They offer 6 and 12db/oct ,and wiring diagram.These components would be wired in series-cap/tweeter and inductor/woofer.
I appreciate your reply and suggestion. I'm looking into finding out my best selection. Have a great day.
I just added the Jantzen Superior caps into my xovers on my Magnepan 1.6's and the performance went up to a new level across the board. I had previously moded them with Sonicaps, but the sound though greatly improved over the stock caps it seemed a little etchy to me on some recordings. Now the speakers sound liquidy smooth and even more detailed than before with a bigger and deeper soundstage and improved dynamics. I am very pleased with the change.
Drewportland:Any chance you were able to compare the "Superior" to the "silver" series??