rebuilding after a fire

Okay guys here's the story.   My house burned and I am rebuilding my system.  I'm now 60 years old and want this to be the last system.   Speakers were destroyed and per my insurance requirements I had to replace them to get repaid and have Goldenear Triton Ones with aon surrounds (4) and a super center XXl.  Low end is boosted by a Goldenear supersub xxl so speaker presence is not a problem.   currently using an Anthem D2 preamp and two Sunfire Theater Grands (5 channel 400 watt) in a 7.1 system.  Heres is what I need you for.   The Sunfires are old but to my ears still sound great.  The Anthem has been a good provider for years but should I upgrade amps and pre amp.    Currently using a EAT E Flat turntable with an ortoforn black cartridge.   I listen to a lot of jazz and classical as well as blues and 60 through 70s rock.     Should I upgrade the amps and preamp and if so with what.  I still have some insurance money left and I like separates to avoid crosstalk. Parasound and pass have been recommended but Pass Labs is expensive.    So are the Sunfires sufficient and if not what do you recommend.   Second what theater preamp which is also good for music.

Thanks for all suggestions.

John A/K/A  Paliden
Sorry to hear about your mishap. You seem to have a pretty decent system already. If you’re looking to build a separate two channel system, there are a lot of great integrated amplifiers out there within a wide range of budget and you may find it easier to go this route than trying to mix and match separates and cables.


My condolences for loss of your home.  Both Anthem and Sunfire are sonic matches for Goldenear loudspeakers. I concur w/ bondmanp

look at cabling very closely. Are you looking to re-build a separate 2-channel system and H/T system?

Happy Listening!

Looking to have a really good two channel using the Triton Ones for my music but still allowing the kids to use the mains and surrounds for home theater.  This is why I thought about bigger cleaner power for the mains and stick with the Sunfire amps for the surrounds.   As far as cabling I am using Pangea interconnects and kimber cables for main speakers.  Surrounds had used shielded 10 gauge speaker wire since they were in wall and had to have long runs.
@paliden - You seem to have decent enough cables.  If you want a nice amplifier for the main channels, I can suggest you try an Odyssey Audio Kismet amp.  Depending on your budget, if you can get the top of the line amp (or monoblocks), I think you will be pleased.  I have upgraded my Odyssey Audio Stratos to full Kismet internals, and the sound is glorious, rich, detailed, spacious and very dynamic.  Another choice (and one easier on the back) are the Arion Audio amps.  Among the best Class D amps I have heard.
Thanks to all.  I managed to pickup a new ps audio10 power regenerator cheep since they put out the ps 20.  I have to say it cleaned up some stuff too.  Looking into all the amps and curious.  I have seen some talk that the bigger amps are not fond of the ps 10.  Any opinions on that front?